WatchSeries - The best online free streaming platform

WatchSeries is currently one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. A few years ago it used to be even more popular but overall the popularity of all the streaming sites decreased a little bit in the last time due to unknown reasons. However, this streaming site is still visited by hundreds of thousands of people everyday who are always coming back here in order to get free access to all their favorite movies and series online free. All the content published on WatchSeries is available in HD quality and nothing less than that. We really respect our visitors and we will never disappoint them with low quality video files. Everything is available without registration so you don't waste time anymore while creating an account. That was the short introduction of our streaming platform, but below we've written a list with a little more details about the features of WatchSeries that you can read when you take a break from watching movies and you want to find out more informations about this site.

Most important features of WatchSeries

We know that all the streaming sites are claiming they are the best in the last time but these are just lies in the majority of the cases. We are not here to convince you to use WatchSeries but we are only presenting you a few of the most important features and advantages of using our streaming platform and everyone is free to make a choice when it comes to online streaming of movies and series. Please send us your feedback regarding the WatchSeries website because we care about your opinion and we are always looking to upgrade this project and improve the quality and the functions of the website.
  • The best design theme. We've recently changed the old design of WatchSeries with a new one that is more beautiful and improved. If you were used to the old theme then it might look a little bit strange to you but also the new design theme is used by a few other streaming sites so there are big chances to look familiar to you. However, it's a very modern, friendly and easy to use design and we are sure that everyone can figure out how it works in just a few seconds. We've placed all the buttons in handy places for an easier access and the navigation menu has been optimized for the most efficient browsing through the site. If you have any problems with the functionality of the website, don't hesitate to send us feedback and it will be fixed in less than a day, we promise.
  • Fastest loading servers. We know how important is to offer the best experience to our visitors while they are watching movies and tv series online free and that's why we are using very advanced servers that makes all our website pages to load instantly in less than a second which is probably the fastest loading speed on such a big site. Also, the video players are provided by a non-affiliate third party which also offers a very good quality and short loading time. The movies and episodes are available in full hd quality and during our latest update we've added English subtitles wherever it was necessary because we've received some complains about it.
  • Biggest database. The database of WatchSeries currently includes around 13.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes. It took us a few years to build this collection but it was definitely worth it. All the visitors of WatchSeries can enjoy probably the largest database of new movies and series in the world ever seen on a free streaming platform like ours.
  • New movies everyday. We are always focused on adding new content in our collection ever if we already achieved an impressive amount. We are not going to stop here. Our team is working permanently 24/7 in order to publish on WatchSeries the latest movies and episodes. Our advanced systems makes us able to upload the newest episodes within a few minutes after they are officially broadcasted on television or released by their networks. If you want to be among the first ones who watch new episodes, stay tuned to WatchSeries.